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English Bulldog puppy food suggestions?

Allgemeines zur Ernährung unserer Englishen Bulldoggen.

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English Bulldog puppy food suggestions?

Beitragvon jensenbreck » Di 28. Nov 2017, 08:46


We are in Virginia and just got an English Bulldog puppy. She is 11 weeks old and doing wonderfully. The breeder first put her on Eukanuba Lamb and Rice Puppy Food and the whole litter had loose stools. The breeder then switched her to Science Diet Lamb and Rice Puppy Food and she is doing fine.

However, that food is 39.99 for 17.5 lbs. and I've heard bad things about Science Diet. I don't mind paying for quality food, but that's a lot of money to pay for a food if it is not one of the best out there.

Even though she is doing fine, I am considering switching her to a high quality puppy food that is good for Bulldogs and will help with their issues: namely flatulence and sensitive stomach.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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Re: English Bulldog puppy food suggestions?

Beitragvon BellaBloom » Mo 4. Dez 2017, 09:48

Hi jensenbreck,

I'm not sure how helpful this is for you since I doubt that they're delivering to the U.S., but when my Ringo had been a puppy I fed him this grain-free wet food from a German pet food brand as he was suffering from continuous loose stool, too. Then a friend suggested to try go grain-free and we haven't had problems since. I'm actually still feeding him the adult version and he really likes it. Which is might be due to the 6 different sorts of meat in it... Or the banana, who knows.. :) Banane0.gif

You'll find a description here https://www.bestesfutter-deutschland.de ... treidefrei. Unfortunately they don't have an Englisch site, but you can have it translated by Google. And maybe you're able to find something with similar ingredients in Virginia!

All the best,

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